2017-05-11 Maciek Wernicki

Spook at the VR Science Festival in Stockholm


Do you know what the future of Virtual Reality holds? How can science cooperate with technology and business? All these answers you’ll find at the VR Science Festival at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm on May 12th to 14th.. We’ve been invited to give a lecture about VR usage in marketing.


The VR Science Festival is organized by IMMERSIVE SCIENCE and includes a number of Workshops and Lectures, a VR Sci Hackathon, the VR Sci Expo, where well-known companies present cases and also VR art and films. Immersive Science aims to define and develop new ways of communication with science via fully immersive environments: VR, AR, MIX/AR.

This is the first major international event dedicated to Science and Technology experiences in Virtual Reality. The VR Sci Fest at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology brings global influencers to Stockholm.

Our CEO, Thomas Krotkiewski, together with Associate Professor Malin Sundström of the University of Borås and the Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing, will perform a lecture about Interactive 3D and its influence on consumer shopping behavior.

The topic is” ‘How do consumers behave today, and what are the effects of new, digital, always-on innovations that create better understanding of what you are buying?”

You can find more information about the event at http://vrscifest.com/

Maciek Wernicki Post author Maciek Wernicki Maciek is a senior account manager of Spook AB. He's a PR & marketing professional with almost 10 years of experience, specializing in new technologies sector. Also coordinated crisis and corporate communication projects within sensitive areas: construction, energy and telco. Worked for some of the world's biggest corporations as well as for local brands: Microsoft, Kingston, LG Electronics, Allegro Group, Under Armour, Verbatim and Visa.