How you can sell more through social media

Only a decade ago, the question of whether you can sell in social media kept coming back like a boomerang during marketing conferences and lectures. Today nobody doubts that social media channels can influence sales. Here are some new tools that let marketeers sell smarter in social media.

One new interesting independent solution is #indahash. It’s a tool that helps create reach campaigns in the channels of influencers on Instagram. It lets brands leverage established influencers, who will share messages about products through #indahash.

It’s not just independent marketing tools that let you run sales campaigns in social media. The social networks themselves are constantly developing new tools for brands to use. Recently, Instagram announced a new “buy now” button for photos posted by brands. Here’s video preview of Instagram’s new buy button:


In a recent report from IAB Poland the trend was clear to see. 43% of social network activity was related to brand content. 70% of social network users said that they expected brands to announce new products in social media. 64% expected brands to provide the ability to buy products through social media.

So it’s no surprise that social media are trying hard to meet the expectations of marketers, as proven by Instagram’s new feature. It’s still in pilot mode and is only accessible to a few tens of brands on the US market. We can be sure that other markets and social networks will follow suit.

Facebook also recently announced new tools that can help you sell. It’s a new set of targeting options that allow you to target people based on their history of interaction with your brand. This means you can target people who liked your product or shared your posts with others, as well as people who have published posts mentioning your brand name. It’s a great way to reach your most active advocates to build a stronger relationship.

What excites us most about these new tools is the potential increase in relevancy of brand communication.