• 3D Modeling
  • Creating 3D Scenography
  • 3D rendering
  • Photography
  • CGI & Photo Compositing
  • CGI & Analog video

3D Imagery for packaging

We work with the Small Appliances group to create hyperrealistic beauty images for packaging. This includes showing and simulating the product being used in a scene.

Advanced 3D + Photography compositing

Humans are notoriously difficult to get right in 3D - which is why we also organize photoshoots with models, and then composite the images together. Everything but the girl in this image is fake.

Recycle the resources

Using CGI / 3D imagery to display products allows for a very efficient work flow. It also allows you to recycle resources across brands.

Premium moves

Half of this video was rendered in 3D, the other half was shot with a high-speed camera for beautiful slow motion. Guess which is which!

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