• Communication strategy
  • Campaign concept
  • Game development
  • Data collection

Accenture who?

Accenture wasn't very well known to the target - Some earlier questionable communication made Polish students think they were golf equipment manufacturers.
Millenials were simply not listening to Accenture's "corporate communication style". So we developed a new one - based on challenging the millenials. The campaign was called "Have you got what it takes?"

200% better

Spook created a set of games and quizzes and challenged millenial students to prove they had what it takes to work at Accenture.
Students across Poland played the games for months. It was the hot topic at campuses around the country.
6000 CVs were submitted as a part of the competition - the main prize was a dinner at Accenture.
We delivered 200% of the target result.

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